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A Work In Progress

A Community For The Procrastinator In All Of Us.

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A Work In Progress- For those of us who need a little encouragement when it comes to finishing.
Welcome to A Work In Progress.

This community is for all writers, of any genre, who need some motivatin'! Anything from school essays, to soon-to-be-published novels, this is the place to came talk about it. Seek advice, get some critiquing, or just share random ideas!

My goal is that this will become a place where people will share their work, and offer help to others who are in need of it. And of course, because the name is AWIP, offer inspiration to those of us who say EVERYDAY, "I'll finish it tomorrow!"

Above all, have a good time, and feel free to write about anything you want, but treat others with respect, and respect their work.

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